Balancas Marques
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For more than 50 years, Balanças Marques has the ability to develop products in the area of commercial and industrial weighing, incorporating the latest technological trends and meeting the real needs of our clients in the most different commercial and industrial environments.

It’s dedicated to the Research and Development of Software for retail and industry. Created and joined in the Group in 2010.

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Acquisition in 2004 of the entire share capital of EUROPESAGEM - Comércio Internacional de Balanças, Lda, a company specialized in the distribution of commercial and industrial weighing equipment (Founded in 2001).

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Lx Pack

Official representative of the German brand ESPERA, of weighing and labeling equipment. Created in 2011.

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Balanças Marques

Balanças Marques

R&D is in our DNA

As a leading company and at the forefront of the technological development of the sector, we are attentive and follow the main market trends, our focus is not to develop weighing products,
but to think about the
future of weighing.

Innovation is the activity that excites us the most and the one we practice permanently guaranteeing the evolution of our solutions.

We have a software development team, since the 90's. Today, it has more than 10 people working in the weighing software area.

Hardware and Mechanical Team that develops new products and projects tailored to our customers’ needs.


- BM5 - Touch Scale
- Weighbridges with Solar Panels
- Weighbridges with License Plate Reading Capabilities
- APP that allows to see the weight displayed in any of our scales
- Weighbridges Concreting in our factory


We have a constant concern to create the most efficient production process to ensure that our products are the best in the world and that our production lines work on the fullest potential. To this end, we have implemented the Lean philosophy in our factories and the entire production process is monitored by the Production Management Department of University of Minho

- Welding Robot
- Painting Cabin - Investment with impact on the durability of our weighbridges
- 3D printing
- We do the concreting of our weighbridges in our facilities to guarantee the highest quality and the best finishing
- Lean Solutions